Business forum "Export potential and soft power of Russia in the field of culture"


Tomorrow, April 11, 2024, a business forum “Export potential and “soft power” of Russia in the field of culture using the example of Russian classical ballet” will be held at the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University. The moderators will be Pogorletsky Alexander, professor of the Department of World Economy, and Dulmaganov Rinat, member of the International Union of Musicians.

The main focus will be on the following issues:
1. The role of culture in modern world economic development
2. Geopolitics and culture: the problem of interaction and creative dialogue between countries in the era of deglobalization and fragmentation of the system of world economic relations
3. Commercialization of cultural and creative activities: problems and solutions in the practice of Russia and foreign countries
4. Export potential of the cultural sector in Russia: objects and geography of foreign economic operations
5. “Soft power” of the Russian cultural economy in the modern world
6. Russian classical ballet: export potential and “soft power”, experience of integration of foreign creative specialists
7. Globalization of culture based on digital technologies and social innovation: the case of Russian classical ballet.

The business forum will begin at 16:00 Moscow time in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University.

Textbook "International Marketing in Countries with Transition Economies"


The fall semester is coming to an end, as is 2023, which means it’s time to sum up. Therefore, we would like to share with you the scientific achievements of our colleagues.

Recently, Associate Professor of the Department of World Economy Alexandra G. Koval, together with her German colleague Kerstin Pezoldt, completed work on the book “International Marketing in Countries with Transition Economies.” The textbook touches on the latest trends in international marketing, taking into account the specifics of countries such as China, India and Russia, tells what nuances need to be taken into account and how to successfully develop markets in the digital age. The book is written in English and German and has already been published.

Colleagues of the department also took part in it: Sergei F. Sutyrin, Olga Y. Trofimenko, and Lyudmila V. Popova.

Congratulations to our colleagues on the successful publication and we wish you interesting projects and publications in the new year!

More information about the book:

Tour of Solopharm production


Students of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University visited the Solopharm company, one of the leaders in the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

Based on the results of projects successfully completed within the framework of educational and research practice, the students were awarded diplomas and gifts in the form of company products to support immunity during the cold season and beyond. In addition, students took a tour of production sites, where they saw first-hand how the products they helped introduce into new foreign markets were created. And the task was not easy, but interesting: studying the pharmaceutical markets of Qatar, Kuwait and Uzbekistan.

Assistant of the Department of World Economy Ekaterina K. Andrianova acted as scientific supervisor from the faculty.

We are looking forward to new joint projects with Solopharm, and we wish the guys success in their future research and work activities!

Crystal Award 2023


Today, the annual and beloved event CRYSTAL AWARDS 2023 was held at the Faculty of Economics. Our department was represented in 4 nominations for teachers:

"Teacher - Magnet": Andrianova Ekaterina K.

"Teacher - Library": Sutyrin Sergei F.

"Miss/Mr. Creative": Prikhodko Dmitry V.

"Teacher of the Year": Popova Lyudmila V.

Thank you to our students for nominating our colleagues! We are glad that our work resonates with you so much!

And it is doubly pleasant to congratulate Dmitry V. Prikhodko on his victory and the proud title of “Mr. Creative”! Let there be even more achievements and new victories ahead!

Open lecture "Current aspects of trade in dual-use goods: problems and prospects for Russia"


On December 09, 2023, at the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University, Evgenia A. Mikheeva, General Director of the WTO Expertise Center, gave an open lecture “Current aspects of trade in dual-use goods: problems and prospects for Russia.”

During the lecture, the main aspects and current trends in international trade in dual-use goods were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the issues of regulation of this area at the national and international levels, as well as existing barriers and restrictions applied by leading countries in the field of technological development and having a direct impact on the international transfer of technology.

Seminar "Trade and economic partnership between Russia and Iran under sanctions: opportunities, challenges and prospects"


Today, the seminar “Trade and Economic Partnership between Russia and Iran under Sanctions: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects” was held at a high scientific level, organized by the Department of World Economy of St. Petersburg State University jointly with the University of Tehran (IRI).

The moderator was Sergei F. Sutyrin, professor of the Department of World Economy. Professors N.A. Navrotskaya, and E.G. Efimova, associate professors I.O. Nesterov, L.V. Popova, and Aliev M.D also took part from the department.

During the seminar, they discussed opportunities for the development of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Iran under sanctions, restrictions imposed on both countries, as well as ways to overcome modern challenges and obstacles in building a mutually beneficial bilateral partnership.

We look forward to new joint projects and continued cooperation!

Scientific Seminar by Professor Li Xin


On November 29, a scientific seminar was held, organized by the Department of Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought together with the Department of World Economy. The key speech was given by Doctor of Economics, Prof. Li Xin, Director of the Research Institute of Eurasian Studies, National Center of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Shanghai Political Law University.

The seminar was aimed at discussing the problems of development of the countries of Central Asia in cooperation between Russia and China, which are striving to strengthen economic ties with this region. Russia is a major economic partner for Central Asian countries through the EAEU. China is also actively developing trade and economic ties with the states of the region through the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” project, which connects China with Europe through the Central Asian region to develop trade and economic relations with European countries.

We thank Lyudmila V. Popova and Olga Y. Trofimenko for organizing the seminar!

Sutyrin Sergei F. - laureate of the All-Russian competition "Golden Names of Higher School"


One of the laureates of the All-Russian competition “Golden Names of Higher School” was the respected professor of our department Sergei F. Sutyrin. He was recognized as the winner in the nomination “For dedication to the profession and continuation of the traditions of Russian higher education.”

As part of the project, representatives of the teaching staff of universities in the Russian Federation are annually selected who have made a significant contribution to the development of modern science and educational practices. In total, 1,750 applications from 79 regions of Russia were submitted to the competition, and 268 people became laureates. The competition was held in 10 nominations, and 177 experts took part in the selection of winners.

We are proud and sincerely congratulate Sergei F. on his honorary award!

Collective monograph "Study of the development of the Russian economy (2021‒2022)"


The leading Chinese publishing house “Modern World” published a collective monograph “Study of the development of the Russian economy (2021‒2022)” edited by prof. Sutyrin S.F., prof. Guan Xueling and assoc. prof. Popova L.V., dedicated to the adaptation of the national economic complex and foreign economic relations of Russia to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. This publication continues a series of joint monographs published in Chinese, written by scientists from St. Petersburg State University and the People's University of China.

Employees of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University took part in the preparation of the monograph. Among them assoc. prof. Borisov G.V., assoc. prof. Veredyuk O.V., assoc. prof. Gubina M.A., prof. Pogorletsky A.I., assoc. prof. Popova L.V., prof. Sutyrin S.F.

Congratulations to our colleagues on their important contribution to the development of Russian-Chinese scientific cooperation!

Imprint of the monograph in Chinese: 俄罗斯经济发展研究: 2021‒2022/ 本书编委会 编 —北京:当代世界出版社, 2023。 ISBN 978-7-5090-1766-1 (

New publications by department staff


In the third issue of the journal "St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies" two publications were published, in the preparation of which employees of the Department of World Economy took part.

1. Jovanović M., Koval A., Lomagin N., Lukyanov F., Sutyrin S., Trofimenko O. and Wang G. "Peace as a natural effect of trade: A potentia ad actum", St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies, № 39 (3), pp. 289–306.

Initial idea to focus a plenary panel of 19th International Conference “Evolution of International Trading System: Prospects and Challenges” held in St. Petersburg State University on March 17th–19th 2022 on the issue of interaction between political and trade dimensions of international cooperation came to the organizers as early as mid-2021. Substantial escalation of the geopolitical tension by Spring 2022, on the one hand, made the selected topic much more relevant, on the other hand additionally limited the list of potential discussants. Nevertheless, despite of this obstacle programme committee managed to arrange the international team of experts giving their answers to the questions asked by moderators. The questions included necessity and possibility for the radical reassessment of the perception traditionally prevailing among social scientists. According to this perception expansion of trade has the positive impact on political relations between trading partners. Another topical issue deals with possible repercussions of economic sanctions actively imposed by some members of international community. The experts also discussed the motives behind decisions made by many foreign companies to exit from the Russian market. At the final stage of the panel its participants expressed their views on the prospects of the global governance system reforming.

2. Wang R. and Popova L. "International trade disputes related to fish products and Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies: Key regulatory issues and litigation outlook", St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies, № 39 (3), pp. 307–327.

Fish-related trade disputes dealt with by the World Trade Organization (WTO) arise from the complexity of the fisheries industry, and the transboundary nature of fish, combined with differing national policies and interests. The Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies (AFS) aims to strengthen the role of the WTO in regulating the fish trade and curbing unsustainable fishing practices such as illegal fishing, overcapacity, and overfishing by limiting excessive fisheries subsidies. This article reveals the legal framework of the WTO to regulate the fish trade and resolve trade disputes and outlines the prospects for fish trade in light of the Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies (AFS). It has been established that general principles, quantitative restrictions, and anti-dumping measures, rather than subsidies, are the most common legal issues in trade disputes on fish products. Technical trade barriers, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and general national exemptions are also frequent sources of disputes in the fish trade. These measures, designed for safety, health, and environmental reasons, are increasingly used for protectionist purposes by creating trade barriers. The AFS expands the legal framework for resolving trade disputes in the field of fish trade after its ratification. However, this recent international regulation combined with climate change and tightening food standards, is expected to lead to more disputes with developing countries over the fish trade.

Read more here:

Visiting professor Rena Ravinder


In the autumn of 2023, the department of world economy took part in the St. Petersburg State University “Visiting Professor” program. From 31 August to 12 October, the department was staffed by Professor Rena Ravinder from the Durban University of Technology (South Africa), a distinguished economics scholar, writer, editor and consultant with over 31 years of teaching and research experience.

During his stay in Russia, Professor Rena:

  • conducted classes in the discipline "Scientific Research Methods" for students studying in the master's programs "International Trading System" and "Russia and China in International Finance and Trade";
  • gave an open lecture on the topic "Global economic and sustainability challenges and the future ahead";
  • spoke at a meeting of the Department of World Economy with the topic “Africa – A Continent of Opportunities and Challenges”;
  • took part in the VI International Forum “Russia and Iberoamerica in a Turbulent World: History and Modernity”, making a presentation on the topic “Brazil and South Africa: challenges and prospects of the trade relations”;
  • carefully studied St. Petersburg and even visited Moscow;
  • often joked “If you have no point, you need Power Point” and much more.

We thank Professor Ren for his work and look forward to further active collaboration.

VI International Forum "Russia and Iberoamerica in a Turbulent World: History and Modernity"


On October 4-6, 2023, St. Petersburg State University and the Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences held the VI International forum “Russia and Iberoamerica in a turbulent world: history and modernity”. The Forum is the most representative event in Russia dedicated to the socio-political and economic processes of Latin America, its history and culture. Holding it in St. Petersburg with the participation of famous politicians, scientists, journalists from Ibero-American countries and Russia invariably attracts the attention of the media, which confirms the status of St. Petersburg University as one of the leading centers of Ibero-American studies in Russia.

Employees of the department of world economy also made presentations, taking part in the section “Latin America and the BRICS countries: new drivers of economic cooperation”:

  1. Gubina Maryana A. "Bilateral trade between Brazil and India: current status and potential."
  2. Andrianova Ekaterina K. "Prospects for cooperation between Russia and Latin American countries in the field of high technologies and digital trade."
  3. Popova Lyudmila V. "Prospects for the China-Mexican Free Trade Agreement in the Light of BRICS Enlargement."
  4. Prikhodko Dmitry V. "Analysis of Russia's foreign trade cooperation with small Ibero-American economies."
  5. Sherov-Ignatiev Vladimir G. "Brazil's Trade with Latin America: Tariff Barriers and Trade Intensity."

Congratulations to our colleagues on their successful performance at the VI Iberoamerican Forum!

BRICS 2nd Postgraduate Forum


On August 16-18, 2023, on the eve of the BRICS Summit in South Africa, the 2nd BRICS Postgraduate Forum was held at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in which our colleagues successfully participated.

Following the results of the forum, the award “Second place in the nomination “Best work: political and economic management” in the category of doctoral sciences” was received by graduate student, assistant of the department of world economy Ekaterina K. Andrianova and candidate for a candidate’s degree Evgenia A. Mikheeva. The forum presented the results of a study on the topic “The impact of digital trade rules on international technology transfer: the example of BRICS.”

It is noteworthy that 3rd place in this category was also taken by a graduate student of our department, Yubo Wang, for his presentation of a study on the topic “China’s investments in the Russian soybean sector: political, economic factors and investment prospects.”

We congratulate our colleagues and wish them success in their further research work!

Russia-Africa Summit


At the end of July, the Economic and Humanitarian Forum “Russia - Africa” completed its work in St. Petersburg.

Professors from the department of world economy of St. Petersburg State University took part in organizing and conducting a panel discussion “Economic relations between Russia and Africa in new geopolitical conditions”, where, together with foreign colleagues, they discussed issues of economic, political, scientific and educational cooperation. The moderator of the discussion was an expert analyst in the field of energy, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria, doctor, professor Karin Kneissl.

Professor Nikita Lomagin spoke from the department, noting the need to take into account the 60-year history of the development of relations and draw important lessons from it in order to unlock the full potential of the partnership in the future. Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University, acting Head of the department of world economy Olga Trofimenko, in her speech, shared her opinion on how to make Russian education even more attractive for students from Africa and spoke about the successful experience of our universities, in particular St. Petersburg State University.

Read more about the results of the panel discussion on the St. Petersburg State University website:

Seminar “Russia and China in new geopolitical realities: challenges and prospects for the development of bilateral economic relations”


On June 14, 2023, a seminar was held in the Mendeleev Hall co-working space on the topic: “Russia and China in new geopolitical realities: challenges and prospects for the development of bilateral economic relations,” organized jointly by the Institute of Economics of Fudan University (China) and the Department of World Economy of St. Petersburg State University with the participation of the Deputy Dean Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University Viktor O. Titov.

During the seminar, the director of the Institute of World Economy, Wan Guanghua, made a presentation on China's economic transformation and its achievement of a welfare society. Zhang Jun, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Fudan University, expressed an optimistic view of external challenges in his speech, noting that such circumstances encourage the state and business not to stand still and invest more resources in development.

From the Department of World Economy of St. Petersburg State University, Professor Sergei F. Sutyrin spoke, who spoke about updating the concept of Russian foreign economic policy, and Vladimir G. Sherov-Ignatiev gave a report on the impact of the events of 2022 on the economic situation and foreign trade relations of Russian regions.

This format of bilateral interaction made it possible to exchange scientific opinions on current issues of economic development, as well as establish a vector for strengthening bilateral cooperation and discuss future joint projects.

Scientific publication by I.O. Nesterov


An article "Central bank digital currencies: An innovative tool for enhancing domestic and cross-border payments and settlements" by Igor O. Nesterov, Associate Professor of the department of world economy, was published in the "St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies".

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)” is a relatively new but very fast developing story. The rush of central banks all over the world toward CBDCs proof-of-concept studying and piloting in recent years, as well as somewhere already the practical implementation of their own digital currencies have been motivated by a number of factors that are analyzed in this study. The potential gains of CBDC domestic issue and application can be distinctly outlined today. But, the leading central banks, following to the basic principle “do no harm!”, are acting as carefully and slowly as possible in order to avoid the negative consequences of an abrupt shifts in the contemporary financial landscape. However, successful progress of the People’s Bank of China in piloting the digital yuan, as well as the launch of CBDCs in the Bahamas, Nigeria, Jamaica and the countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, not only stimulate other states to intensify their own research developments for CBDC, but also raise the question of future implementation of CBDCs for international settlements. The study’s key hypothesis, put forward by the author, is that the inevitable approaching issue of central bank digital currencies will create unique opportunities to enhance significantly the quality of settlement and payment systems not only domestically, but, and especially, internationally. CBDCs’ implementation for cross-border transactions will help to overcome the long-known but still unresolved hurdles of the existing archaic infrastructure of international settlements: low speed, high costs, limited access and insufficient transparency.

Read more here:

Results of the XX International Conference “Evolution of the International Trading System: Prospects and Challenges”


“What has been is what will be; and what has been done will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun” - Ecclesiastes

These famous lines from the Old Testament formed the basis of the theme of the plenary session of the XX International Conference “The Evolution of the International Trading System: Prospects and Challenges”, held on April 21-22, 2023 as part of the VII International Economic Symposium of St. Petersburg State University.

At the moment, the global economy is facing unprecedented challenges. International economic interaction has always included not only mutually beneficial cooperation, but also fierce confrontation. From this point of view, how unique is the situation in which we find ourselves today, and how applicable are the words of Ecclesiastes to it? The discussion participants tried to find answers to this and other questions.

The discussion turned out to be truly vibrant and interesting, illustrated with famous quotes and memorable apt statements from experts. Summing it up and turning to the question of the future of the international trading system, we would like to quote the head of the delegation at the negotiations on Russia’s accession to the WTO, Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Maxim Yu. Medvedkov:

“If the multilateral system is to remain, the leadership system will have to change. For the simple reason that the leader of any multilateral organization can be a state that enjoys the support of the majority of members and pursues policies consistent with the philosophy of the requirements of this organization, otherwise it is not a leader. The United States have indeed done a lot to create and launch the multilateral system. But I think the future is neutral management or collective management. The time for one-man leadership is over.”

The opinions of invited experts and the results of the сonference can be found here:

League of Lecturers


Many of you have heard about the “League of Lecturers” competition, organized by the Russian Society “Knowledge”. This competition is intended for talented educators who are ready to share knowledge and experience in their own unique, vibrant manner, winning the sympathy of their listeners. This year they are the ones who determine the winners, and at the start of the “League” 9,174 competitors from 77 regions of Russia took part.

Assistant of the department of world economy, Dmitry V. Prikhodko, became one of the 400 best lecturers in the country who successfully passed three stages of the competition, and gave a lecture in the semi-finals “World Economy: Reality or Myth?” Performance in the semi-finals is already a big victory, behind which stands a huge amount of work done and, undoubtedly, the bright and charismatic personality of Dmitry Valentinovich, who knows how to interest and attract his students to gain new knowledge.

We wish Dmitry access to the finals and a cherished victory!

International Youth Labor Forum


Associate Professor of the department of world economy, Alexandra G. Koval, took part in the St. Petersburg International Youth Labor Forum as a moderator of the Panel Discussion “The Role of Mentoring for Science, Education and Career.”

Mentoring today remains one of the most pressing issues in both education and professional development. This part of a teacher’s activity is especially important for any student at the stage of becoming a young specialist. Alexandra is a recognized expert in this field, who not only treats her students with great attention and participation, guiding them in scientific activities and professional development, but also gladly shares her experience with the younger generation of mentors and colleagues.

Cooperation with the Alexandrinsky Theater


As part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022, St. Petersburg State University entered into an agreement with the Alexandrinsky Theater on cooperation in the implementation of educational and creative projects for theater managers. Joint projects of St. Petersburg State University and the Alexandrinsky Theater include seminars, master classes, educational lectures and intensive courses, and other educational events.

Olga Yu. Trofimenko, associate professor and acting head of the department of world economy, took part in the implementation of one of these projects in the field of culture. As part of the “National Theater School” project, Olga visited Saransk and Cheboksary with the “Theater Fundraising” seminar, returning with interesting experience, new impressions and, of course, gratitude from listeners and regions.

“The National Theater School project includes a series of classes within the framework of the educational intensive program “Fundamentals of Management in the Modern National Theatre,” where representatives of the theatrical environment are taught how to conduct business activities, get ideas on how to make performances, and engage in fundraising. The business trip was quite successful, I think the department of world economy can also participate in the implementation of the future master’s program for managers in the field of theater arts, work on which is now actively underway.”

XX International Conference "Evolution of International Trading System: Prospects and Challenges"


The department of world economy invites everyone to participate in the VII International Economic Symposium, which will be held from April 20 to 22, 2023. The main goal of the Symposium is to test scientific ideas and current proposals from conference participants, as well as strengthen and expand scientific and practical ties with other universities and representatives of the business community. The International Economic Symposium in 2023 will be held in a mixed format. Researchers, teachers, graduate students and students of higher educational institutions, representatives of the real and financial sectors of the economy, and government agencies are invited to participate.

As part of the symposium, our department will organize the anniversary XX International Conference "Evolution of the International Trading System: Challenges and Prospects", the main directions of which will be:
1. Adaptation of Russian business to a turbulent external environment.
2. Innovative scenarios for the development of the international trading system.
3. Regional centers of power of the international trading system.
4. Vietnam: a new economic miracle?
5. Regional centers of power of the international trading system.
6. Financial aspects of the development of the international trading system.
7. Transformation of Islamic economics and finance: Eurasian focus.
8. Labor migration in the context of modern socio-economic and geopolitical challenges.
9. International business in the face of new challenges.
10. Latest trends in global energy trade.

To participate in the Symposium, you must fill out the registration form and upload the article on the Symposium page before March 19, 2023. An article for publication in the collection of Symposium materials must be formatted in accordance with the requirements. The decision to include a report in the Symposium program and to publish it is made based on the results of independent review. The materials of the Symposium conferences will be published and indexed article by article in the scientometric database of the Russian Science Citation Index.

The condition for participation in the Symposium is payment of the registration fee:

  • participants of the symposium - 2000 rubles,
  • participants of the youth conference - 500 rubles.

Working languages of the Symposium: Russian, English.

Transport reform in Saint-Petersburg


Employees of the department of world economy not only take an active part in the educational and scientific activities of the university, but are also involved as experts in carrying out and evaluating the reforms being carried out in St. Petersburg that affect the lives of citizens and guests of the Northern capital.

It's no secret that a large-scale transport reform is being carried out in St. Petersburg. Its first results, nine months after the start, were summed up by a group of experts from the Center of Expertise of St. Petersburg State University, in which Elena G. Efimova, professor of the department of world economy, took an active part. The topic of international and regional transport infrastructure is reflected in a huge number of studies and materials published by Elena, including assessing the impact of the pandemic and functioning under Western sanctions.

The authoritative opinion of Elena regarding transport reform in the city is referred to by the St. Petersburg Gazette in an analytical note dated January 17, 2023: “I characterize the progress of the reform as positive.... Of course, there are problems, inconveniences, citizens complain about them. For example, about the system payment. There are also problems associated with the formation of a new route network. But its correction is ongoing..."

I would like to congratulate our teacher and colleague on the successfully implemented expert work within the framework of the activities of the Center of Expertise of St. Petersburg State University.

You can read the full material of the article at the link: "Pendulum of reform. Experts assessed the work of St. Petersburg public transport".

Happy New Year!


Academic staff
Conferences and workshops