Scientific seminar "Transformation of Russia's foreign economic relations: new horizons"


The Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University, with the support of the VEO, hosted the regional platform of the sixth Moscow Academic Economic Forum (MAEF-2024).

As part of the main theme of the event, “Transformation of Russia’s foreign economic relations: new horizons,” the speakers presented a wide range of issues for discussion: from transport, logistics and payment problems to direct cooperation between Russia and countries and regions of the world, including China, Iran, Serbia, the countries of the North Africa.

As a result of the discussion, the event participants came to the conclusion that Russia still has many issues to resolve in the process of forming strong foreign economic ties with countries and regions of the world. However, one thing is clear: Russia will continue to expand international cooperation, strengthening its position not only in the political but also in the economic sphere.

The event was organized by the Department of World Economy from St. Petersburg State University, and the moderator of the discussion was St. Petersburg State University associate professor Olga Trofimenko.

You can also read about the results of the scientific seminar on the Forum website.

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