International trading system

The Master's educational program “International Trading System (in English)” is a dynamically developing program that develops fundamental knowledge and reflects the main changes in the modern system of world economic relations. An international learning environment, a convenient class schedule, the possibility of internships in international economic organizations and national government bodies, lectures by leading Russian and foreign teachers, and an individual approach create a favorable learning environment.

The program is entirely implemented in English. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, the program develops specialists in the field of international economic relations, international trade and international trade law, the development and implementation of state trade policy, and the development of a foreign economic strategy for an enterprise.

Graduates can equally successfully engage in professional activities both in the public service and in business, and occupy leading positions in large companies, both Russian and foreign. A number of graduates work in international economic organizations. The program combines research and practical components.

The knowledge gained allows you to perform analytical and expert work, deal with issues of developing trade policy, tax planning, and developing external relations of enterprises.

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