Russia and China in International Finance and Trade (in English)

The master's program "Russia and China in International Finance and Trade (in English)" is aimed at studying issues related to the development of financial markets and trade policies of Russia and China, as well as the changing role of their roles in the international trading system and monetary and financial sphere. Particular attention is paid to analyzing the use of new financial and digital technologies in Russia and China, studying the prospects for the development of foreign economic relations of both countries, as well as bilateral economic and financial cooperation both at the interstate level and at the business level. The program includes a number of unique courses delivered by leading Russian and foreign experts, using active learning tools.

The program is entirely implemented in English, with Chinese optionally studied. The educational program was developed taking into account professional standards and the opinion of employers on the correspondence of graduates’ competencies and labor functions in the field of professional activity.

The program is aimed at those who intend to connect their future career with economic and financial interaction with China.

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